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Importance of specialized focus in Projects, Oil & Gas Logistics?

By: Mike Dooley Jan 20, 2019

The key to the success of any logistics contract is good logistics management. The key to good management is the ability to identify the needs of the client and the countries in which the work will take place, as well as being in a position to advise the best way forward. In today’s international and remote locations, experience and understanding of logistics operations and local networks is vital. With the many years of experience in our team, we have a detailed understanding of the criticality or every aspect of the logistics world.

Cargo flow through better supply chain visibility, control.

By: Mike Dooley Jan 20, 2019

Focus can provide logistics personnel to meet the needs of your company or project. From logistics managers to warehousemen, logistics controllers to transport coordinators, we can assist you. We provide personnel for one-off projects as well as long or short-term agency personnel, assist in the recruitment of permanent staff, or we can manage your logistics department for you. When travelling to a foreign country, most people are nervous of the obstacles that will be there for them to overcome.

Importance of specialized focus in Projects, Oil & Gas Logistic

By: Mike Dooley Jan 20, 2019

The Journal notes that last year, three successful proposals at Occidental, Exxon, and PPL “were the first to garner majority votes on resolutions for annual disclosure of the impact on business from global efforts to limit the average rise in temperatures. As investors such as BlackRock look deeper into strategy and climate change issues (and call them out specifically in their shareholder engagement activities), they are increasingly becoming more active in their support for calls for increased transparency.

Changes to our Trade Credit Policy and Procedures

By: Mike Dooley Jan 20, 2019

Pleased to announce our partnership with seo, a new on-line trade management system. The platform will provide us with a much deeper pool of research to assist with assessment of new credit applications and credit limits. In addition, the team will be working closely with our accounts receivable personnel to ensure that we optimise payment cycles, ensuring efficient cash flow management. Streamlining all areas of our business helps us keep costs down, which in turn is passed on to our clients.